Brenda, Arizona

A community full of history, legends, and beautiful RV Parks.

Located in La Paz County on Hwy 60 approx. 20 miles east of Quartzsite.

If you look closely to the left, while traveling east on Hwy 60, you may see this wonderful old wagon as you come into Brenda.

In 1928, homesteaders, Grover and Anna Spitznagel had a set of twins named Bruce and Brenda, and named the town after their little girl. Was it the whole town -or- just the east end of the town named Brenda at that time?? Keep reading.....

Ramsey Mine, discovered in 1921, and named after John Ramsey, is located approximately 10 miles south of the current site of Brenda. Some say, that Brenda used to be called "Ramsey". Some say, that only the west end of Brenda, the ghost town, was called Ramsey. This Ghost Town was a popular tourist site during the 40's, 50's & 60's.. (Ramsey Mine stopped production in the 1960's and the opening of Interstate 10 both had an influence on this region). There are also stories of a "zoo" and a stage stop being in Brenda (or Ramsey) during this time period. The zoo may have been part of the Ghost Town attraction. We do know that the town of Brenda is a very welcome site to travelers along Hwy 60.

This is an example of ornate tin used on some of the original buildings of Ramsey. Ramsey Ghost Town, March 1998

Over the last couple of years the development of very large, very nice, very accommodating RV Parks has been a real boom to this little townsite in the desert.. The Salome Postmaster estimated that they handled about 1,700 postal patrons for the winter of 99 - 00. Some of the larger parks are almost self-contained. The Brenda Country Store however is a true "Desert Gem" and does a great job of handling the winter rush, and is worth the stop for any traveler.


Brenda Solar Energy Zone

The proposed Brenda SEZ is located in La Paz County in west-central Arizona, 32 mi (52 km) east of the California border. The SEZ is located on Ranegras Plain, bounded on the north by Bouse Hills, on the west–southwest by Plomosa Mountains and Bear Hills, and on the east by Granite Wash Mountains and Harquahala Mountains. In 2008, the county population of La Paz was 20,005, while adjacent Riverside County to the west in California had a population of 2,087,917.

The proposed SEZ is undeveloped and rural, with few permanent residents in the area. Several unpaved roads cross the SEZ, and a corral and well are located on the western edge. Part of the SEZ is authorized by the BLM for grazing.

The surrounding area includes agricultural lands and associated structures, livestock corrals, and fences. U.S. 60, I-10, and several unpaved roads are located in the vicinity of the SEZ. Residential and other structures are located along U.S. 60.

The towns of Quartzsite and Salome in La Paz County are about 18 mi (29 km) 12 west of, and 18 mi (29 km) east of, the SEZ, respectively.

Action Plans for Solar Energy Zones to be carried forward

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